Saturday, January 14, 2006


It was a good day. I did a lot of cleaning and organization. I put all the CD that I loaded into Thing 3's Ipod away. All the books and magazines that were laying around too. Washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. Felt good to get a lot done. and get a few thing neater. Sat down and watched a movie tonight. Watched Ray and also Blazing Saddles. I've seen Blazing Saddles many times, but this was the first view of Ray. I enjoyed them both. And Jaime Foxx sure gave a great performance. I was certain that Ray had at least three wives, sure hid that in the movie. Only noted that he had 12 kids at the end which would suggest he wasn't exactly monogamous. That sure stinks. I'll have to do some of my own research.

Listened to a bunch of music. Picked up a copy of U2's Joshua Tree. I saw them live on that tour. It was the best lives show in my memory. The only one that compares is one I saw of Midnight Oil at their finest. I also listened to some of the Bob Dylan series of bootlegs, No Direction Home. Pretty good stuff too. Last there was a copy of Violator by Depeche Mode. Its a pretty beat up copy, so it doesn't play smoothly. Might have to replace it. I really like the sound. Great stuff for riding the rollers (a cycling training method where you ride a bike indoors).

Picked up the new contacts yesterday. They sure fit better than the old beat up old ones. The monocular vision stuff is pretty weird, but I'm getting used to it. The left eye is for long distance vision and the right one is for near vision. This really works. Last night it seemed like I was getting a headache, but it never happened. I took them out before going to visit GI. I'm able to comfortably type hear and glance at the TV without a missing a beat and it just works. I'm really thrilled.

Not completely happy with the glasses, but I'll have to keep using them and see what happens.

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