Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Things for February 18, 2008

Thing 3 had Monday off so we spent a bit of it testing out stomp boxes or pedals for use with guitars and amps. I actually hauled Earl along with the amp I have borrowed to test it out. Got lots of great help from a guy at Guitar Center and bought this. It sounds as good as it did in the store. Having a blast playing Earl through it to the venerable Fender Champ. See the photo below for Sparky's feared look that I might just turn the dang thing on again. Every time I flip the power switch on the Champ, even at the low volume I play at (cause I suck , word), he skeedaddles for another room. At loud volumes he begins to howl in a call and response manner. Chord. Beagle bray. Chord. Beagle bray. Repeat.
Ever heard a beagle howl? I thought you have. Not exactly what you want for accompaniment. Oh well, he hasn't stopped me from playing. Yet.

Good Things for February 20, 2008

Heard from a friend when I forwarded her a listing for a new book about cycling for women. She appreciated it and gave a little update on her life. I was grateful to hear from her and she seemed to be doing well. She was a very good listener when I was going through the worst of my drama last fall. I sincerely hope she continues to do well and that she and her family have a great spring and summer.

Good Things For February 22, 2008

Calvin Sampson resigned from Indiana University (IU) as their basketball coach accepting a rumored 3/4 million dollar buyout. He cheated. He committed the same acts that got him in trouble at his former employer, Oklahoma University (OU). Bob Knight was an ass many times in his life, but his players graduated, and he never was close to an NCAA violation. Sampson brought cheating to IU and now the IU team will pay the price. He'll get another job. Hopefully Bob Knight will stay unemployed. I know there are many that would like him to return to IU, but his time has passed. Relax and watch some games Bob.