Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weird Day

I think staying up late Friday caught up with me today. Sorely unmotivated. The ex stopped over to drop off Sparky TheWunderbeagle. He wasn't quite up to his old tricks. He usually would have played fetch with tennis ball the first two hours. He slept almost the whole time. Right next to me of course.

Meanwhile I worked on my Sony. Its like a IPod except it is made by Sony. I loaded a bunch of recent music purchases and deleted a few that I don't listen to. I still have a bunch of space. I didn't fill it up. Oh well.I have a lot more recordings. I'll put more on later.

The ex stopped over to get Sparky, but came in to visit. She sorta vented. Someone quit at work. She ends up training them. It has her pretty frustrated. I listened. I did my best not to do anything else. Why am I still a good husband to this person?

1 comment:

Rabbit said...

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with being a good husband. Perhaps it has everything to do with being a good person.

Just a thought.