Friday, August 07, 2009

Commute Friday 08/07/2009

Today's weather forecast, rain. Rain. And more rain.

We need it. We are in drought.

I did ride to work on a bicycle. Most of the trip it merely sprinkled. About Roseville it began to rain harder and when I came across a bus shelter I used it to get out the poncho and then rode the rest of the way that way. I could have used an overhang on a couple of buildings, but waited the less than a mile to use the free shelter without annoying people in a building to keep from getting wet.

Rain slows you down. So timing was slower, but not painfully so. Since it was darkish, I ran the hub generator light. That too slows me down a little. Ride in was one hour and 10 minutes. Cool beans as far as I'm concerned. Ride overall was 2:25, but the wind was worse on the way home although I sufferecd through no actual rain, just ridiculous levels of humidity.

I saw two very miserable cyclist in the hard rain going the opposite way. I was passed climbing a steep but short hill. He was on a light weight and non-fendered bicycle. No racks either. No lights. And I think he was a little younger. So I've got all kinds of excuses to be dropped in the dust. He also had no rain gear, but it was long before it began to rain hard.

I like riding in the rain. It's hard to get out and do it, but it is fun once you get out there. Its cool and quiet. No where near as awful as most think it must be. Besides it makes you feel like SuperMan. Yay me!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Commute Thursday 08/06/2009


Seriously. Still have soreness in my back area, but otherwise I'm liking this.

When you ride a bike to work, you feel so dang smug. Okay I still believe my poop stinks, but still.

There is nothing like infinite gas mileage to improve your carbon footprint. Take that Prius owners.

Legs are feeling okay. Doesn't feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. I've still got my same old same old numbness in my hands and fingers, but it's no worse than it has ever been. I keep shaking them out, changing positions, and they quickly come back to life. Actually I don't wait for them to get very numb, I do something before that point.

And yeah, had the one close call already. Nitwit on a cell phone in a black SUV didn't quite look ahead before he made a left turn where I was. At least he slowed down and didn't hit me. Just pissed me off momentarily. The crazy flight or fight and baby I'd like to fight him for the drive with cell phone a going. I better get back to praying that oil runs out before he dies so he can suffer. He surely was much younger and I'm trying not to think that I'm saving the foolish planet oil for dorks like him to waste later. Bah, oil bug.

Update: Round trip time was just under 2:14 or two hours and fourteen minutes. This is improvement. I felt pretty good on the way home, not terribly tired or sore. It was a very nice ride and I just enjoyed it.

Commute Tuesday 08/04/2009

So soon? Durn right.

Not recovering that well since the last one. Still a little sore, especially my back. Odd.

I was a wee bit faster though. I had some tail wind in the morning so I think I might have done it in 75 minutes or so. The wind was in the same direction all day.

So I paid dearly on the way home and was seriously beat by teh time I got home. Oh so tired of riding by the time I coasted up to the garage door. Only to hear Sparky bark with anxiety. "Let me out!!!". Sigh.

Just the same my afterage round trip is about 70 minutes. Improvement baby. That's where it's at. Now if I can just push myself away from the snack table I'd be a whale of better off. Pun seriously intended.

Commute Friday 07/31/2009

For the first time in two years, I rode my bicycle to work. Instead of a car.

Why so little riding? Lots of things that don't really matter (here).

My odometer is all hosed up on my Bleriot so I averaged something like 25 MPH which is not correct by a long shot. Maybe dividing by two isn't even correct. I shudder to think.

Bottom line? Oy, am I out of shape.

It took me close to an hour and a half to get about 16 miles to work. I know its not terrible, but there was a time when day after day I did this same route in 49 minutes. Not 82 or whatever it was. But it won't get better if I sit on my butt and whine. I just need to do it more.

Odd thing, my back is sore after I got home.