Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday Night

I thought for sure I lost my cell phone. Couldn't find it at home, not in the car. Asked around at work, I was sure the thing fell out while I was using the rest room.

I did find it. The cell phone was in the pocket of the jeans I wore Wednesday. I hung them up and it didn't fall out. I got home and called myself and heard the blasted thing. How dumb is that? Its a good think my head hasn't swelled too big, because my minor mistakes help me stay humble.

Went over to a friends house for her birthday. It was a really cool house. Its an old building that was originally used to build "horseless carriages". It has some original brick and a support beam that appeared to be a solid piece of wood about 15 inches square. Maybe bigger! I can't imagine the tree that sucker was cut from. It was rough hewn and just looked so cool running through the center of the living area. She'd decorated it really cool with stuff like old recordings LP or 45 covers, and other antiques. We've talked about it, she tends to hang on to everything she owns like me. Not always a healthy habit, but she was pretty orderly compared to me.

I stayed too late yakking. I got home after 1 AM and then couldn't sleep until about 3 or so. Then I didn't get out of bed until 11. Typical. I'm trying to clean up the house. I've really let the house get cluttered and filthy and so I'm trying to clean the joint. If I just don't sit or lay on the couch I'll be in great shape.

Went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and didn't buy anything. I was looking for a page a day Bizarro calendar and they didn't have one. Neither did Shinders. Rats. Time to return to cleaning.

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