Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tired and Weirdage

I have a myspace web page. Search for the grodygeek. I've used it mostly for communicating with a few friends and searching out new music. Its easy for a band to put up a page and give four songs for people to listen to. Try before you buy? Cool beans yes? At any rate I got a message from a stranger. Yeah, a beautiful young woman stranger. Okay, from Texas no less. Now if you know me at all, I lived in Texsucks and hated it. I actually liked the company I worked for and spring and fall was gorgeous. Summer was hot and dull. Winter was windy and overcast. I survived and don't plan a return.

This is the gal (or this is the photo on her page) =====>.

So, if you were 20 years younger than I am, is there any reason to write to me and ask questions that any fool could answer if they actually read the myspace page? Yeah, okay so I'm paranoid. Maybe you too?

Worked twelve hours yesterday. Playing Dad-Taxi today for Thing 3. I don't give out my kids names. I just don't. I use the terms that come from The Cat In The Hat. My eldest is Thing 1 and the youngest is Thing 3. So today I'll actually work about half a day on little sleep. I had terrible insomnia last night. Hate that. Just could not fall asleep. Would have really annoyed any bed partner except Sparky the WonderBeagle, he'd just groan every time I move and then go sleep on the couch.

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