Thursday, February 22, 2007

Need a laugh?

Okay, like you I don't have time to read everything although I do try. I mean I check on the New York Times, Washington Post, the Onion, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and others. There are lots of articles that get by me. Then there are lots of comedians I like that I can't keep up with such as Will Durst or Lewis Black and can't keep up with their comments. I tried to always read Molly Ivins, but dang it, she died and I'm quite sad about that.

Then I stumbled across this. Pretty dang hilarious. Yet you can read for yourself.

Look, I find Brittney Spears and the triple run through rehab as funny as anyone. Add shaving her head and tattoos and no comedian could have thought that up. Yet, I also have to say, its sad. She's at the point where she's pretty vulnerable, and it sure appears like the people around her keep trying to do the right thing. They've got to know more than us, and if they think rehab is the right thing, I'll bet it is. The sad part is there are kids involved. I'm sorry, I don't see the Fed-ex as an outstanding father. He did abandon the kids he had with another woman to marry Britney. Man couldn't you see that train wreck coming. And now he seems to be the most adult?

Sorry if I'm a cynic, but I see it as a clear way to make sure the checks are coming in. I also tend to agree that kids should be with their mother unless they (the parents) think otherwise. Yet, you can't put them with a mom melting down. I just think that everyone is a loser in this situation.