Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Things Today 01/04/2008

Its Friday.
Put Sparky the WunderBeagle in his kennel when I left today to minimize the messes he makes. He doesn't like it, I don't like putting him in there, but I'm tired of him ripping the boxes and peeing on the floor.

Happy Obama won for some reason. Even if he has the worst possible name for the office. President Obama just doesn't have that ring to it, but I hope it grows on America. Change is good. Politics is BS anyhow. They are all bought and paid for.

Both Romney and Huckabee scare the beejebus out of me. I think Huckabee will turn out to be a worse lunatic that Bush if elected. When the evangelicals come out blindly for him, you know he's wrong for the office.

Thing 3 doesn't have drivers training tonight. That means I don't spend an hour driving him there. Note for new readers: its my blog and I don't share my children's names. They are not things nor do I think of them as that. Its just an easy way for you and I to keep track. Thing 1 is the eldest and thing 3 is the least oldest. They are boy - girl - boy for scoring purposes.

There was almost no traffic this morning. I hate driving the elephant on a daily basis, but single parenting and cycling 30+ miles round trip to work don't work. I'd move closer, but first I've got to sell one of the two properties I already have.

The future is bright and it might be a nice weekend.

Sparky got his nails done last night (trimmed) and is still upset about it. Either tomorrow or next week shots! He'll really be annoyed with me.