Friday, January 02, 2009


Only Fox news finds this important enough to report about. So a foul mouthed comedian called hecklers "dicks". Its not like she used a racial slur. Fox news, serving mildly titillating news to conservatives who don't want to know what dicks Cheney and the Shrub are.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Holy Crap! Slavery Exists!

Here is an editorial from the New York Times.

Who knew? I didn't. Yeah, I knew there was a lively sex trade in Indonesia, but not at this level.


Gosh I Love It When Microshaft Stumbles

An MP3 player with a Y29 hiccup? Say it isn't so, but it's true. Download that update suckers. Or buy and Apple branded item and suffer none of this shit.

Greasy Grimey Golden Gopher Guts

Boo Hoo. The Greasy Grimey Golden Gopher Guts got beat twice in one day. By superior teams. The football team is so pathetic, and they gave their coach a contract extension for this? Sheesh, they have obviously not watched the movie The Music Man. They need a real coach, not one that just talks like one. They rate only one step below the idiots at Notre Dame on this score.

Now the basketball team has a fine coach in my opinion. So they got beat by Tom Izzo and his MSU rabble. Tom's also a great coach and has a crew of vets that took it to the GGGGGs. Yeah, they beat Louisville? So what. Let's see how they do in March. I do honestly wish them good luck.

That is as opposed to the Yankees of college hockey, also known as the GGGGGs. I wish them losses in every game they play.

Happy New Year!

And a huge thanks to Tom the Dancing Bug. I mean really. I could never think something like this up by myself. So cool.

Monday, December 29, 2008

...because he's a DICKHEAD

The man should be colored "clueless." There should be a color crayon in the Crayola box that is as close as they can get to his "undisclosed location - seconds away from his next heart attack" pasty colored skin and label it "Cheney Clueless." I'd buy a box.

What set me off? This.

This is a despicable man, who has set back the executive branch 100 years. Who's been the most foul mouthed executive in recorded history. Who's hated the world around. There is not one thing he's known for that is the least bit positive. He should have been impeached and I wish someone had the guts to charge and get a conviction for war crimes against him. Rotting in a cell like Gitmo is only too good a finale as he deserves.

Clean Coal My Ass

Okay, you might not know it, but I'm a Chemical Engineer by degree. So this is something I'm trained to understand.

There is no such thing as "Clean Coal." Its a myth. A plan. A hope. A dream is probably most accurate.

Need evidence other than the ramblings of a geek? Try this. If burning coal was reasonably clean to begin with, would Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have millions of gallons of sludge left over after a coal burning plant was through burning the coal? Sludge that will contain trace amounts of lead, arsenic, magnesium and other items that can be leached into the water.

So, put clean coal right up there with "Clean" nuclear energy. Sure it's clean if you only look at a subset of the whole picture. And don't look at the entire scope where the residue left over is as bad or worse than other energy production methods.

And hey, won't it be nice to have a President that can pronounce "Nuclear" correctly? Yeah, I know that both pronunciations are now considered correct, but, I'm sorry, I'm old school. Saying it the Shrubbery way just makes you sound like an idiot.