Saturday, January 14, 2006


It was a good day. I did a lot of cleaning and organization. I put all the CD that I loaded into Thing 3's Ipod away. All the books and magazines that were laying around too. Washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. Felt good to get a lot done. and get a few thing neater. Sat down and watched a movie tonight. Watched Ray and also Blazing Saddles. I've seen Blazing Saddles many times, but this was the first view of Ray. I enjoyed them both. And Jaime Foxx sure gave a great performance. I was certain that Ray had at least three wives, sure hid that in the movie. Only noted that he had 12 kids at the end which would suggest he wasn't exactly monogamous. That sure stinks. I'll have to do some of my own research.

Listened to a bunch of music. Picked up a copy of U2's Joshua Tree. I saw them live on that tour. It was the best lives show in my memory. The only one that compares is one I saw of Midnight Oil at their finest. I also listened to some of the Bob Dylan series of bootlegs, No Direction Home. Pretty good stuff too. Last there was a copy of Violator by Depeche Mode. Its a pretty beat up copy, so it doesn't play smoothly. Might have to replace it. I really like the sound. Great stuff for riding the rollers (a cycling training method where you ride a bike indoors).

Picked up the new contacts yesterday. They sure fit better than the old beat up old ones. The monocular vision stuff is pretty weird, but I'm getting used to it. The left eye is for long distance vision and the right one is for near vision. This really works. Last night it seemed like I was getting a headache, but it never happened. I took them out before going to visit GI. I'm able to comfortably type hear and glance at the TV without a missing a beat and it just works. I'm really thrilled.

Not completely happy with the glasses, but I'll have to keep using them and see what happens.

Friday Night

I thought for sure I lost my cell phone. Couldn't find it at home, not in the car. Asked around at work, I was sure the thing fell out while I was using the rest room.

I did find it. The cell phone was in the pocket of the jeans I wore Wednesday. I hung them up and it didn't fall out. I got home and called myself and heard the blasted thing. How dumb is that? Its a good think my head hasn't swelled too big, because my minor mistakes help me stay humble.

Went over to a friends house for her birthday. It was a really cool house. Its an old building that was originally used to build "horseless carriages". It has some original brick and a support beam that appeared to be a solid piece of wood about 15 inches square. Maybe bigger! I can't imagine the tree that sucker was cut from. It was rough hewn and just looked so cool running through the center of the living area. She'd decorated it really cool with stuff like old recordings LP or 45 covers, and other antiques. We've talked about it, she tends to hang on to everything she owns like me. Not always a healthy habit, but she was pretty orderly compared to me.

I stayed too late yakking. I got home after 1 AM and then couldn't sleep until about 3 or so. Then I didn't get out of bed until 11. Typical. I'm trying to clean up the house. I've really let the house get cluttered and filthy and so I'm trying to clean the joint. If I just don't sit or lay on the couch I'll be in great shape.

Went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and didn't buy anything. I was looking for a page a day Bizarro calendar and they didn't have one. Neither did Shinders. Rats. Time to return to cleaning.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday

It has been a long week and I'm glad its almost over. Last night I went recording shopping. Got a few new and several used recordings. The used were mostly stuff I liked on vinyl and wanted a copy on CD. I was supposed to go pick up my new contacts, but forgot and didn't get there in time. Spent too long looking for music.

Work has been busy. Just dumper load after dumper load of salt. I'm not keeping up and should work OT, but don't. I did Monday, only because I needed to spend time out of of the office with Thing 3 at an appointment.

Hoping to go to a birthday party of a friend tonight. I'm not big on parties. I'll know one person there. Yikes! That sort of stuff freaks me out. Saturday I'm hoping to watch a movie or two with a friend. Not sure on that yet. Sunday, I think I'll need to sleep until bedtime. That's a joke son.

Late for work as usual, time to go.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Clueless in HTML-land

So I tried to add a few links to blogs of friends of mine. Just a few. So I follow the directions and its seems easy enough. Auntie has been trying her best to drag me kicking and screaming into the HTML world. I find the location and try one and look at preview. Cool beans! Exactly how I intended. I rock!

I repeat this one more time. Then I copy the last one and input another one, and finally another for a total of five links. Too brave? Apparently. I look at the preview, and exactly how I expect.

I publish. Publish? What the heck does that mean?

Its exactly the same as I started. I start mousing around the settings. I find one that says show links. Inexplicably its checked 'No'. I change it and go through the rigmarole again. Preview is great.

Published is not.

I continue to try and it continues to fail.

Auntie, please don't take my geek credentials away, its just a lack of sleep or something.

Postscript ~

When I publlished this entry?

The links are there. I am impatient, but there is something very weird about this.

Weird in that I don't like how long it apparently takes. Time for sleep none the less.

Tired and Weirdage

I have a myspace web page. Search for the grodygeek. I've used it mostly for communicating with a few friends and searching out new music. Its easy for a band to put up a page and give four songs for people to listen to. Try before you buy? Cool beans yes? At any rate I got a message from a stranger. Yeah, a beautiful young woman stranger. Okay, from Texas no less. Now if you know me at all, I lived in Texsucks and hated it. I actually liked the company I worked for and spring and fall was gorgeous. Summer was hot and dull. Winter was windy and overcast. I survived and don't plan a return.

This is the gal (or this is the photo on her page) =====>.

So, if you were 20 years younger than I am, is there any reason to write to me and ask questions that any fool could answer if they actually read the myspace page? Yeah, okay so I'm paranoid. Maybe you too?

Worked twelve hours yesterday. Playing Dad-Taxi today for Thing 3. I don't give out my kids names. I just don't. I use the terms that come from The Cat In The Hat. My eldest is Thing 1 and the youngest is Thing 3. So today I'll actually work about half a day on little sleep. I had terrible insomnia last night. Hate that. Just could not fall asleep. Would have really annoyed any bed partner except Sparky the WonderBeagle, he'd just groan every time I move and then go sleep on the couch.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Ignorant American

Okay, you must have heard of Jack Abramoff, the lobbiest that has pled guilty and will soon begin to testify about who he was dealing with. As in which in the government he coerced to do things unethically.

Well, one of the things that came up was his dress for the first day at trial. Some claimed he dressed like a gangster, like the Godfather AKA the mafia. See he was wearing an all black suit and in specific a fedora. What the ignorant American's don't know would fill a book. Okay, until I read about it in I wouldn't have known either. See, there are certain clothing worn by the jewish in specific situations. Like when you are making a statement of contrition. As in pleading guilty to federal charges. So it is very possible that he was dressed in that way as homage to his culture and his religion.

Learn something new every day.

Party Over

Okay, I went to the party more or less on time. Before hand I went and bought some veggies, washed them, cut them, and put them in ziplock bags. They were surprised I didn't go find some veggie tray and just buy it. Nope, I figured this was cheaper and better selection. I chose red, green, and golden peppers, cucumbers, calliflower, brochalli, carrots, onions, and celery.

It went well, we played Trivial Pursuit. The guys won, although by luck. The women scored more points than the guys and we just lucked into the the right answer. at the right time.

It snowed a little, which is cool. Otherwise nothing much is new.

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Family Holiday Party

My family is having a holiday party today.

They are actually fun. You'd think I'd complain how they are the stereotypical family get together where some folks don't get along and stuff, but it isn't true. We have fun. We nibble. We yak. We play games like Trivial Pursuit with the boys against the girls. The match is even usually and much laughter and a little arguing. Generally no hurt feelings. Unless I act like an ass.