Saturday, April 01, 2006

Parts Obtained!

I'm so excited. It took a ridiculous amount of driving, but I did it. If weather might have been better I'd have done it by bicycle. That my friends is an excuse. All wussy and no guts. Pfft.

So first, I went by the Hub and looked their used parts cabinets. I also asked if they had any Esge/SKS fender parts. I knew from the web that Sheldon at Harris had spare parts like I desired available. I found nothing. They had lots of Planet Bike stuff in little bags, but nothing for SKS, although they had a few sets of those too. I asked, and they didn't have any hidden in the back. I know Terry Osell had them when I worked there, he must have kept them. Rats. I did buy some lonesome brake parts like the curved washers that go on brake bridges and fork crowns and are curved to reduce abuse. I also got a set of Velox rubber handle bar ends.

Next I went by Hiawatha as I just wanted to stop by. First off there was not only Jim, but another guy Kevin there. All know about some of my other cycling pals and such. It was great fun chatting and then I got the best surprise in that they had a bridge mount exactly as I was searching for. Woo-hoo!. I also picked up a bottle of lube as no where else I've been seemed to have it (Pro Gold or Pro-Link) and then a couple of water bottles. I really longed to buy a Honey B17 Special as they are so sweet, but I can't afford it. I'm so pumped to finally have the part so I can ride the QuickBeam.

Next I had bought the Planet Bike parts that I thought might work. It was plastic and was just too wide. So back to Freewheel to return the unused parts. I spent quite a bit waiting for the clerk that was helping a small family buying a bicycle for their oldest child. I think this is a marketing ploy. So I'm patiently waiting. Oogling high zoot shit. Unobtainium this, carbon fiber that, 7.25 spoke wheels, and all kinds of goofy stuff I have no interest in. I do come across a bunch of stuff on clearance. Thirty and forty percent off. So I get a wireless cycle computer. I'm sorry my other friends don't like them, but I always want one. I don't concentrate on them, but like to know how many miles the bike has gotten. Stupid, maybe. I'm okay with their dislike. So I get $5 back and spend $30. The story of my life, but it was a great deal.

My real problem? Too many shops I like. I really want to support Hiawatha, because they have the most stuff I covet. The stuff I believe in. I'm convinced I've got to buy that Brooks saddle when I have the dough. I think I should support the Hub as the continuation of Osell's and the fact they sell used stuff. I think that is so cool to recycle good bikes. Beats the socks off of "Eric the Bike Man" the most overpriced black hole for money in town. Then I like Freewheel because they have so much in small parts and things that you can't get elsewhere. Sure they have Brooks saddles too, but they aren't really believers. Too much Trek and other crap that ninety percent of the riders don't need that I won't buy those from there. I just wish I lived closer to Hiawatha. I think I need to try riding the train or something there and then put the bike on the front of the bus and train. That would be a great way to reduce the length of the ride. I'm guessing its near a 40 mile round trip. I so hope it is a good location for everyone else though. I truly want them to succeed.

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juni said... sure are into bikes...I've not been on a bike in years...I was good on bikes in my teens, but then I got fat. :( I think bikes are cool...I have friends who are really keen cyclists....Hey, did you know that Raleigh bikes originate from where we live? Charming mask, btw...Toodles!