Friday, March 31, 2006

Photos and Weirdness

Comments to my recent entry quizzed why I'd shellac cardboard.

I can't tell you. Seemed like the thing to do? It was there (cardboard) and the can was open the brush still wet from the chainstay application. I have no rationale, reason, or defense that the idea sounds completely wacky. Maybe it is, and I'm okay with it being so, and that I just might be. Or actually am. Guilty as charged?


I don't need no stinkin' photos is my first inclined response.

Its a joke, son (think Foghorn Leghorn).

I'm lame. I've not bought a digital camera. I've been taking photos as best I can using a disposable. I haven't finished the bike so I haven't developed the photos on the roll yet. I'll post a few when I do. Meanwhile, I'll go look for a few from the Atlantis build up, from about 2001 I think. I know I have a photo of me applying shellac to the bars. Another one with the first set of fenders which were mounted in a rather goofy manner so I could swap from big thick off road tires to street commuting tires. The fenders were Esge/SKS and looked stupid. At least in the photo I took with the commuting tires on. Big huge dopey gaps. Pffft. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

If you go look at one of the first entries here you will see a photo taken by major pal Jon while on our tour around Lake Superior. It shows the Atlantis in the current build. It has Dirt Drop bars, 297 levers, some odd cranks and basic Shimano clipless pedals, bar end shifters (eight speed Shimano), the first version of the Rivendell/Nitto front rack, rear Nitto rack, Carradice Lowsaddle Longflap saddle bag, beautiful dimpled Honjo fenders, Schmidt front hub generator and B&M light, Brooks Flyer in honey with a Bagman Expedition saddle bag support. White cotton tape shellacked to a lovely worn brown with amber shellac. Much is obscured with the four Ortlieb panniers.

The Atlantis has been my primary commuter and touring machine since I bought it. I have less than 10K miles on it at this point, but it has seen plenty of sunshine to light snow and heavy Canadian wind and rain. It was my first upscale bicycle and I bought it as a frameset from what used to be Old Town Cyclery. I'm not sure if they are open anymore. I just know they don't seem to have any sort of web presence. I had a very good experience with them and have been very happy with the Atlantis. I met the owner once when she came to the Wisconsin swap meet in Madison. She was a hoot and her name was Sarah.

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Nathan said...

Oh, Gordy - no, I wasn't questioning the idea of shellacking cardboard - far from it! I was inspired!