Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Curses and Yippee Doo Dahs

My townhome association had the annual meeting tonight. Me and my big mouth got myself elected to the dang governing board. I need that like a hole in my head. The current board wasn't doing a bad job, and I figured someone would want to run against my loud mouth. Fat chance, America is full of folks that like to bitch, but refuse to get involved when the going gets tough. Too late now suckers.

The QuickBeam is almost done. Only thing left is the last mount on the rear stainless steel fenders. I'm going to mount it to the brake bridge mount since I'm using cantilever brakes. I think I've got a left over mount that would work great from a pair of Esge/SKS that died after much use. As usual, I can't find it. Except in my mind. I'm about as organized as a dump. I'm lucky that I found the little bag-o-parts that came with the fenders. Getting the rear wheel in or out with the rear fender is a tough one. I wish the stays had been another quarter inch longer. I really like the gum hoods on the new Crane Creek brake levers. They are so sweet, I'd like to get another set for my Atlantis. I'm just no big fan of the Diacomp 287s. They may pull a lot of wire, but they don't fit my hand for beans. I do like how the blue bar tape looks. So far I've only put it on as a chainstay chain guard, but it looks great. I don't want to put tape on the bars, until I'm sure where I like the brake levers on the moustache bars. Today my saddlebag that goes with arrived, but of course, I wasn't home so it is at the UPS joint.

Work has been going by light speed and my boss (from NM) is in town tomorrow to give performance appraisals. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. Thing 3 is on break this week. I'd like to get some time off and spend it with him. Just hasn't happened so far. Rat fink.

Man how I loved this pas weekend in sports. First on Thursday the Dukies lost. Yes, the Yankees of mens basketball, the Duke Blue Devils, lost to someone, anyone. To see Redick cry on the court was just so much icing on the cake. Next, an even bigger upset for me. The Yankees of mens college hockey, those arrogant Minnesota Rotten Rodents lost to who? Holy bleeping Cross. Do they even have scholarships?

Look I didn't see the game. I don't care about hockey, because I live in a state that cries and whines over every Rodent spit and crotch grab. For 19 years, I've listened while they get more coverage, more press, more radio than the NHL team. They get players that beg, that spend their pathetic little lives wishing they could play as a beloved rodent. In the WCHA, there are 3-6 teams in the upper division and the rest are wanna bees because they don't offer courses any moron can pass like "sports management." Hey! Stick boys? Manage this! Every report I've read and heard, tells me the Rodents were out played by the Crucifixes or whatever Holy Cross is called. My hat, my hair, hell, my friggen eyebrows are off to Holy Cross. Thank you, a dream has come true. The Rotten Rodents have been humbled to a level only they deserve.

Then it was topped off, by the women Rodents getting their ticket punched to that hated next state rivals, that Buck Toothed Rodent of Wisconsin. Yup, the cheese sniffing runts beat the women rodents. God, I love living in America.

And then tonight it got better. The Yankees of women's college basketball, those Tennessee Volunteers with Pat "I Got Bigger Balls Than You" Summit as coach, got beat by hated arch rival Duke. Now if Duke gets taken out by Old Dominion or something it will get even better.

betting the age of the Yankee pitching staff, and that mental midget catching passes for the Cowdungs in the the NoFunLeague, it could be one banner year. I still would rather watch someone wipe snot on the wall than watch football.

Got to get out and ride more. Man, what a lazy bum I have become.

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