Thursday, March 30, 2006

Progress - Slow as Usual

Okay, so I tried on Wednesday to go visit Hiawatha Cyclery. Trouble is they were closed on Wednesday. Not that I complain that they were closed. The drag with working in a shop, is everyone wants you to be open when you want to be cycling. Bummer. I knew they were closed on Wednesday, but just forgot. Rats.

The saddle bag did arrive. Its awesome. Its really heavy waxed cotton and I like the color. I got it mounted and even made a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom. I made it from the QuickBeam box and used the part where it said "Quick". I then shellacked it to make it water repellent. Both sides, it will maybe hold up better that way too.

While I was shellacking, I applied it to the chainstay guard. I then put cotton tape and twine on the saddle post that was exposed. Its an ugly black post I got cheap, because it is a double bolt. I really like to be able to get a Brooks saddle level or slightly tilted up at the front or nose.

I did pick up a mount for the rear fender from Freewheel. It was intended for a Planet Bike fender, but it won't fit. It looked appropriate in width and it was plastic so it would have some give, but it was far too wide. I think I could screw or rivet it on, or maybe put it under heavy tension, I think it would break or have a short life.

Oh yeah, got the performance appraisal. It went okay. The new boss is okay, I could do so much worse. Yeah, there is stuff I need to work on, but there always is. I'm glad to have my job, I like many of the people I work with, and it has lots of challenge.

I plan on riding the QB quite a bit before I put the tape on the handlebars. Really want to make sure that I like how the brake levers feel before I make their location permanent. Once the QB is road worthy, then it will be time to go to work on the Atlantis. I want to replace the break levers on that, plus service the headset. Finally put padding under the bar tape and put new tape and shellac on it.


Nathan said...

You shellacked cardboard? You shellacked cardboard! Holy crap! I gotta go...

Jon said...

Hey Gordy - Sounds like you have some great hardware to ride around on. Can hook a brother up with some pics?