Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good things for 01/27/2008

Got a bunch of work-work done to catch up from being out those few days. Not caught up, but not feeling like I'm drowning.

Spent a bunch of time on Thing 3's iPod. Dang, I think I'm reasonably smart and I still can't get it to load more than 70 or so songs. For a 40 gig, it should swallow 100 entire cds, but no, it pukes after the 70 or so. I've tried wiping every file off of it. I've tried hard resets until my fingers hurt, I've achieved disc mode many times, I've tried Norton Disc Doctor and it even finished once. I managed even to get Norton Disc Wipe to run once and finish and it didn't make a difference. I still think if I can wipe the firmware off the disc, those pesky hidden files, it would restore just fine. Yet it crashes during every restore to date. Bugger.

Managed to properly record on DVD a little documentary called "Punk: Attitude". Includes interviews with either living member or members when they were alive of many of my favorite bands. The Dictators, MC5, Stooges, Dictators, New York Dolls, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Blondie, Chrissie Hyne, Buzzcocks, and more I just can't remember or spell including Jello Biafra himself and Henry Rollins. Man its way cool. Recorded it commercial free from IFC. Who needs regular television.

Took Sparky the WunderBeagle in for his three week checkup. The final results were he's probably just fine. They were very happy that I'm able to keep his weight down at 37-38 pounds. The vet was oh so very cute. And half my age. Sigh. They did feel he needed a booster shot and insisted on taking his temperature. As if he wasn't scared enough, there comes the rectal thermometer dude! Then that big poke for the shot. So far he's not having any reaction to his shot. No excessive lethargy or anything. They did suggest another food. The Beneful he was eating generates a lot of tartar on his teeth. I've been giving Iams and that isn't helping so they suggested a Science Diet to reduce tartar. He eats it just fine so I'm guessing it tastes okay. What am I worried about? Dogs don't care about taste!

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midway cyclist said...

I have a copy of the "We Jam Econo" documentary that you're welcome to borrow, if you're into the Minutemen at all. It's pretty good.

happy belated 16th to T3