Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Things for 01/28/2008 Again

Happiness is washing dishes by hand with your 16 YO kid and listening to music you both might find interesting. I only say might because 16 YO don't always voice everything they think. And that is okay.

I think the pipes froze in the house next door. I'm not sure anyone lives there. It is owned by a long retired couple. He's been in a nursing home, and maybe she is too now. There was a company carrying out a lot of what looked like soggy stuff yesterday morning.

I stumbled upon Mavis Staples website. I'm always torn. Buy a cd or vinyl LP direct and hope it puts bucks into the artist's pocket? Maybe even a little more? Or support our local businesses and I go to the Electric Fetus. Let me tell yah, I heart the EF. So I notice old Mavis is on this like nine year tour. And she has four disc remaining already signed. For a buck more. Yeah, you know what I did. I ordered one. Ever heard the song "99 and One Half"? Find it and hear it. Okay maybe YOU don't like gospel. Yet, you should admit its a great song and well done if you get the chance. Well, that is on Mavis' latest disc. So go out and buy it. Just cause I want you to.

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