Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Monday (01/14/2008) and the rest of the week...

It was a long day
Work from home in the morning. See Thing 3 off and Sparky kennelized
Shower and then drive to work
Re-fuel elephant, get a cheeseburger at Holiday (yuck)
Drive to school and get Thing 3
Run into traffic snarl - tipped over truck closes 35W southbound entirely eventually. We luckily get by it before they close the whole southbound lane.
Get Thing 3 to therapist
Get call from Lard while talking to therapist about homework and recent events
Patiently wait outside while they talk
Drive home, release Sparky
Get Sparky some exercise
Put Sparky back into kennel
Drive Thing 3 to Drivers Training
Grocery shopping
Release Sparky
Store everything
Don't feel like dinner see re-fuel, eat two yogurt instead
Go and pick up Thing 3
Watch Futurama
Collapse in bed

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