Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Things for 01/13/2008

The Cowboys LOST! Again! Jessica Simpson (shouldn't it be simpleton?) or not in the stadium. And wasn't Jerry Jones look on the sideline priceless. PRICELESS! Rich old face lifted geezers holding back the anger that the world still won't bend completely to their will. As Marv Albert would say, "YES!"

Bummed the Colts lost. I think they would give the Pats a better game. Especially if the two injuries really hurt the Chargers. Eh, its just a game. I'm sick of Fav-ray. Just sick of him already. Retire already. It would be nice to see him crushed by the Pats though. CRUSHED. Physically. Personally.

Went to a family holiday get together and ate and played Trivial Pursuit. The women won (again). Although it was competitive. Both sides have individuals that are sharp at different subjects. Sure there are questions everyone is ignorant of, but most of the time someone has a clue. Its fun. Even Thing 3 plays along.

Thing 1 has been working on a project car in the garage. Sunday night he came with his bride to finish it. He got it running and took a drive and didn't need a bail out. Meanwhile I was lazy and watched "Capote" with Thing 1's Spouse. We have the same taste in movies and so I lent them my copy so he could watch it later. I was really nice to have them visit.

Saturday night Thing 3 and I went on a big shopping expedition. Clothes for him. Yikes. He's easy to shop with. He has a plan to start with, we go in, he looks things over, he makes his choices, I pay and we leave. He's not one for expensive things or anything. His requests are realistic and he's past the "I gotta have" and maybe that's true of males and less so females. I give up.

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