Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Things for 01/16/2008

I'm reminded of an old joke by Jack Benny. Jack's character was that he was cheap. Really very cheap. In reality it wasn't all that true, but its a character bit he stuck to a great deal of his comedic life. The joke goes, a robber comes up to Jack with a gun, knife, or whatever and says, "Your money or your life." Jack replies, "I'm thinking!" when the robber becomes impatient with his lack of a quick response.

Good things for this week? I'm thinking.

Oh, there were good things. Things in the mail here at the shack.

Two knew lamps from JCPenney that were on their clearance site at a great price
Two new mattress pads for Thing 3's bed to make him sleep more comfortably
Several new calendars for work and the house, here are the ones I remember
The official George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendar which gives a "Bushism" every day
Ansul Adams monthly calendar with beautiful photos by the great photographer
Futurama monthly calendar for the house
Simpsons monthly calendar for work
Richard Lederers wacky English page a day calendar for work (has a abuse of the written English language taken from adverts, publicity releases and the like)
That's Funny - a page a day calendar with a joke by a stand up comic each day (example Ballet is basketball for homosexuals - by I forgot who)
Art Calendar - a beautiful photo of a piece of art every day for Thing 3 who is very interested in art
A new copy on vinyl of the latest Heartless Bastards recordings
A new copy of the latest Amiee Mann disc (a Christmas recording) so my collection is still complete (I heart Aimee)

Gee, by the looks of the list I should just quit whining and look for those good things. Once I get started I have lots of them I just fail to recognize them sometimes.

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midway cyclist said...

Is that the special edition white vinyl HB album? I've GOT to see them next time they're in town.