Friday, April 07, 2006

What A Wussy - Redemption

Monday I didn't commute because the Atlantis needed some minor maintenance. Monday night I got on it and cleaned the chain really well with first a citrus garage cleaner and then some solvent to take care of the moisture left behind from the water rinse. Finally I lubed it with ProLink chain lube. I use the pen like syringe thing, one link at a time. Yeah, I'm anal.

So I packed the bag of clothes and a towel. I keep a pair of shoes at work, so I just carry undies, pants, shirt, socks, a handkerchief (I use it to blow my nose) and my washcloth and hand towel. I'm one of those lucky commuters that has a shower at work. Since I don't have hair (I shave my head, I can't grow enough to matter) I don't need much of a towel to dry off. I throw it all into a small cheapo gym bag. I then put that into a small Carradice front pannier. In the other front pannier I throw a small Duluth Pack Haversack where I put junk like my money, wallet, checkbook, PDA and junk like a lunch. I also have a Carradice LongSaddle Longflap on the saddle where I put my rain gear and junk, spare tubes, repair tools and a lock. I also leave a heavy lock on the rack at work. I seem to carry more junk than the average cyclist. Some like to ask, "Oh man, how far are you going?" That is always on the nice days, but its not like they are even out there when its cruddy weather. I try to be a cyclist that cope with most anything weather wise as well as failures.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were gorgeous. Did I ride? No. It was stupid, I just couldn't get my butt out of bed fast enough. So it would get wacky late and I'd have to drive. I can't figure our why I don't have much motivation. Then I feel dopey. Just kick myself, really.

Alright, I got to sleep on Wednesday early enough that I could drag my enormous butt out of bed on time. It was a pretty nice ride in, the temperatures were pretty good at about 50ºF or higher. Good start. The forecast was rain, but the as the day went on the forecast didn't suggest rain soon. Then it was like 3 PM and looking awful. So I chose to leave early at 3:30. I got changed, and headed out the door to be greeted with sprinkles.

I quickly dug out the Brooks saddle cover and then the Carradice rain cape. Soon it was coming down at a good clip. It rained all the way home. It was about 50ºF so it wasn't terrible, but seemed like a rough first day commute. I'd gotten a nasty flat on my ride into work. I could have paid the $2 and put the bike on the bus, but I'm glad I rode.

Today, I had a nice tailwind as I rode to work. It was pretty cool, much cooler than Thursday. Maybe 38ºF. After the first mile I stopped and put on my silk balaclava. My ears were just too cold. Felt pretty good, although tired. Man have I been lazy all winter. Since I had a tailwind in, I knew I'd get punished with a headwind on the way home. Tough. I did it. I got two days in. I'm pretty tired now, but it beet the tar out of being a wussy like Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hoping to finish the handlebar tape tomorrow on the QB. Maybe I'll get time to add the new small front rack too.

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juni said...

Wow---you're really into this biking....that's dedication!