Sunday, April 09, 2006

QuickBeam Near Complete

The big problem on the QuickBeam has been the handlebars. Mostly the padding I wanted to use. I tried to just wrap the foam with the bar tape. Bad move. It stuck to the foam like a mother. I ended up having to cut the foam off the tape. It was miserable. The problem with wrapping it directly was that the foam would only spread in one direction.

Great pal Tom suggested trimming the foam diagonally to give it more taper. I tried on a piece of scrap and it was hard to make it work. Finally hit on the idea of using white electrical tape. I'd take a two inch piece and place it evenly on the foam and pull both ends taunt under the bar. Then another piece next to it. Nine hundred pieces or so, and one side was done. On top of the electrical tape, I put the grey cotton tape. After that I edged the tape with hemp twine. I finished both sides of the bars today and applied the first layer of shellac.

The only thing left is to put on the front rack. The bolt on it is long enough to go through the fender mount and accept a nut on the other end. I'd have installed it except I don't have two nuts and bolts to attach it to the front fork braze ons. I'll have to hit Home Creapo tomorrow at lunch or something.

So, why not just ride it tomorrow? Um, because I did something stupid yesterday. I had coffee with a friend. It was warm so we sat outside. I had a hat, but I didn't put it on. I wore my sunglasses. And yeah, now I've got a flaming red tomato head. I could hardly sleep last night. I've been outside (in the garage) some today without my usual hat. It felt fine as my head was like a sizzling burner. When I'm inside, I've been putting wet washcloths on it. I chill them in the freezer. Yeah its that bad. I asked a friend to come over and take a photo. Maybe if you write nice comments I'll post one.

I could have gone for a ride with a couple of friends, but no. No helmet wearing for me. Probably not tomorrow either. Even if it is going to be like 70°F. I just can't imagine my head being able to take a shave, a hat, nor a helmet yet. I can't wear anything yet unless its soaking and cold. Sleeping is a pain as there are few positions that are comfortable without my cheeks, my head, or my neck feeling prickly. Yeah I should know better.

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