Saturday, April 15, 2006

Its Time

The maiden voyage of the QuickBeam is this morning. I plan to make it to the only Hiawatha Cyclery ride of the weekend to show of the QuickBeam. There are three coats of shellac on the silver tape. Not sure I like the look, but there you go. It is ridable, so it must get ridden. And I need the miles. I'll have to fit a pump in the saddlebag as the TopPeak I bought didn't fit the frame. Bummed about that. Hope to trade it later. I've got to find some spare tubes that hold air, the leg warmers or at least knee warmers as the temps are about 48°F and that's too cold for my out of shape legs. I think I'll put the bike on a trunk rack so I don't mess up the fenders. Finding the bungies to help hold it down could be an issue. I'm sure other snags will show up, so I'd better get on with it. I shall report back later.

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