Thursday, January 01, 2009

Greasy Grimey Golden Gopher Guts

Boo Hoo. The Greasy Grimey Golden Gopher Guts got beat twice in one day. By superior teams. The football team is so pathetic, and they gave their coach a contract extension for this? Sheesh, they have obviously not watched the movie The Music Man. They need a real coach, not one that just talks like one. They rate only one step below the idiots at Notre Dame on this score.

Now the basketball team has a fine coach in my opinion. So they got beat by Tom Izzo and his MSU rabble. Tom's also a great coach and has a crew of vets that took it to the GGGGGs. Yeah, they beat Louisville? So what. Let's see how they do in March. I do honestly wish them good luck.

That is as opposed to the Yankees of college hockey, also known as the GGGGGs. I wish them losses in every game they play.

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