Monday, December 29, 2008

...because he's a DICKHEAD

The man should be colored "clueless." There should be a color crayon in the Crayola box that is as close as they can get to his "undisclosed location - seconds away from his next heart attack" pasty colored skin and label it "Cheney Clueless." I'd buy a box.

What set me off? This.

This is a despicable man, who has set back the executive branch 100 years. Who's been the most foul mouthed executive in recorded history. Who's hated the world around. There is not one thing he's known for that is the least bit positive. He should have been impeached and I wish someone had the guts to charge and get a conviction for war crimes against him. Rotting in a cell like Gitmo is only too good a finale as he deserves.

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