Monday, February 11, 2008

Things and Good Things for February 8, 2008

The cyclist who wrote in prolific amounts and was ultimately killed while riding by a drunken driver was Ken Kifer. I know someone already gave this in a comment on my Sheldon obit, but it bears repeating. Both Ken and Sheldon gave a lot of their time to the cycling community and their passion will be missed.

Visited the Electric Fetus for their Valentines Day annual twenty percent off sale. I didn't buy much for me, just a few items. Specifically the new Magnetic Fields and the latest from Sons and Daughters. Lurve them both.

Stopped by Guitar Center. Got some Everly Star Picks. I really like the hole in the center as it gives my weak hand a better grip. I bought too thin ones, they are the 0.050 inch or red ones. The orange (0.060 inch), yellow (0.073 inch) or green (0.088 inch) might be better. I'll buy some of the other thickness to give them a try.

What I'd really gone for is the eMedia Blues Guitar lesson cd. So far I'm working on Muddy Water's version of Hoochie Coochie Man. It has this illuminated fretboard just like Guitar Hero except its real and not some fricken play guitar. I suck, but I'm trying. I highly recommend the disc to those that want to try to learn blues guitar.

Otherwise I spent the weekend being unproductive. And beating myself to bits about it.

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