Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Things so far for February 14, 2008

The tooth fairy here at work left candy (a small package of Skittles and a heart shaped sucker) on everyone in my organization's desk. Bravo to her! She's really good to us. Happy VD!

Patrick James Reusse's column in the Stribe today regarding the Roger Clemens testimony in Congress yesterday. Read for yourself. Favorite quote which is from a writer in Boston, who no longer is a writer there or possibly anywhere?

"If Clemens had not once been able to consistently throw a baseball 95 miles per hour past men with bats in their hands, he would be wearing bib overalls and sitting on a milk crate at the open end of a trailer somewhere, brushing his tooth, while shooing away flies from his head," Barnacle wrote. "The man is a complete dope."

Breakfast with the boys at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown. Short stack of whole wheat wally blues is good for what ails you!

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