Monday, January 07, 2008

Miraculous Recovery

Thing 3 called to say Sparky the WunderBeagle appears to be much better. Moving slowly, but moving again. He ate his supper (from yesterday), drank some water, and then wanted to go out and pee.

Heck, let the lovable guy bark himself horse for once. (He's gotten the previous tenant in trouble with John Law for barking too much.) Apparently some third shift neighbor called the coppers at the slightest "Arf!" Then again, beagles um, are supposed to bark in the less than humble author's opinion.

And I'll point out we were there first. The fuckers moved in long after we did. Just because their house costs (and looks) about triple what our shack is worth ain't got lick spittle to do with it, now does it. I like being the trailer trash equivalent in engineering suburban america.


midway cyclist said...

good to see you back - happy new year!

lab munkay said...

Glad your dog is better. I like to sit in front of my house with a shot gun in my wife beater occasionaly just to up keep my badass trash appearance, lest my neihbors forget. Plus I do my own barking.

Pete said...

Glad to hear the wondermutt is feeling better. We lost Dog#1 over the Thanksgiving break. Dog#2 was depressed (as were we), but we're all adjusting to being a one dog household.