Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good Things for Today 01/08/2008

Sparky is doing really well. Spent his time in the kennel while I was at work and Thing 3 was in school.

Thing 3 worked on homework tonight without hassle, he helped with the dishes, he helped take down the Xmas tree, and helped wire in the internet so we both can be on-line together.

We had some chicken enchiladas tonight for supper and they were yummy. Thing 3 even mentioned that he liked them and he is not an easy to please chap.

Sparky dug up an old bone from the snow and has been looking all night for somewhere to bury it in the house so it is more handy. Usually that would be under Thing 3's dirty clothes in the bathroom. Now that he has a hamper in the bath, Sparky has no place to "bury" the bone and is wondering the house whining. This bone is soft enough I could chew it. Pets are just as funny as children. And endearing as heck. Its all about character.

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