Monday, May 07, 2007

The New Project

I brought home a partial bike, a project I call it. No, not some decrepit used thing of filth to be shined up in honor. No, I did it the Gordy way and brought home a shiny new frame and bits so I can muck it up and scratch the blazes out of it and get angry and fling Allen wrenches at it. Okay, not the last bit.

Its a Bleriot. A frame designed by Rivendell and distributed through QBP of Bloomington. I bought mine from Jim at Hiawatha. Its a long sad story of me taking too long to pay for it and junk. I won't bore you with details, but I'd like to say its testament that Jim has gre
at patience for jerks like me. Huge thanks to the folks at Hiawatha!

Here's the dope before I give you porn to have your way with. Its a 57 cm frame. Ultegra headset, Nitto Technomic stem, Nitto Noodle 48 cm wide handlebars, Nitto Jaguar saddle post, Phil bottom bracket with a Sugino 600 (?) all aluminum ring crank at 172.5, rear wheel is a Phil freewheel
hub, with a 7-speed IRD freewheel 13-32, a Sachs 8 speed chain, a Schmidt SON front hub, both rims are sweet Synergy with the rear a asymmetric so it is dishless, and finally Berthoud fenders. I added (and they installed) a pair of Nifty Swifty tires with the Speed Blend sidewall. They are so cool!

All I did tonight was take photos, and wax the frame. Okay and put Smithchrome on the fenders. See, I told you I'd muck it up!


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cool bike! will you be showing it off at breakfast?