Saturday, May 12, 2007

Much Progress

I suppose I'm going to take a lot more crap from Kevin now. I spent the day waxing the Bleriot frame some more.
No, I didn't. I've agreed to lend the Elephant for the week and part of the deal was taking the rear seats out. Since I haven't really cleaned it thoroughly since I got it, that too was due. Plus, yesterday I did an oil change. Monday I'm going to swing by Brookdale Honda and get a new engine air filter. Today I got the rubber mats out, scrubbed the beejeebers out of them, vacuumed the interior, cleaned all the surfaces with warm soapy water, washed the windows on the inside. Tomorrow early (I hope) I'll clean the interior with an automotive cleaner and apply Armor All or some other shiny protectant.
I did the Hiawatha ride and had loads of fun, there was a lot of people and several I hadn't met. Some of the guys brought their wives which is always great, because any unattached gals don't feel so self conscience. That's what I like about it, the social and casualness of the ride. Making people feel comfortable. I've made it a resolution to be more like Ray and introduce myself to people and tell them who I am, but no, not point them here. I think most think my noodling are pretty boring. And its okay. I'm sure someone somewhere else is writing about Paris Hilton right now.
I did get some things done on the Bleriot. Both derailer are installed. The rear is a Suntour but I don't remember the model other than its a nice condition long cage which should friction shift fine. The front is another one from my XT stash. I tried to install the saddle bag support rear rack, but ran into a problem, I think. It would appear from my estimate that I need longer rods for the support. Plus I've got it in the rack right now by the saddle post, so I can't attach it there to make sure. It can wait. I installed both pedals. They are MKS Sylvan track pedals with Soma dual loop clips and some random straps from my stash with buckle pads. I didn't find any buttons yet. My organization sucks. Those were the easy things I did to take breaks from the tedious bar taping.
I first used some cheap (Gnashbar or some other clearance for like $3) bar tape. Its hideous purple with like green flecks. I'm serious, its so awful its no wonder they had boxes of the shit laying around. I first wrap the bars with this for padding to reduce the pounding on my crappy Carpel tunnel inflicted hands. Then I used yellow and blue cotton take to being the diamond wrap padding. I did remember to mount the brake levers first and it took a month of Sundays to get them the right height and level. Man, being a perfectionist about dumb things just sucks gigantic gobs of time. The hideous tape is completely installed. I'm about a quarter of the way (about half way on one side) with the final cotton. I'm fine on the straights, its that dang curve that I'm befuddled by. Stupid brain, be more cooperative!
Funny for the day. I like to say hello to fellow cyclists and pedestrians when I'm out, especially early and its nice out. Sometimes they are the "training" style of cyclist that appear never to be having fun, head down, in the drops, concentrating on their cadence, thinking about the perfect time to drink, or sneak a packet of Gu so they can fling it on the ground without being observed. I know there are lots of good shops, but my perverse love of the Simpsons makes me want to should at everyone wearing the least bit of kit from the Flanders shop in particular. I do know they are a great shop. But I just want to yell at them in honor of "Spanish Flanders" from the one episode of show and he says hello, "Hi doodelie ding day doodilie".

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