Monday, June 19, 2006

I Did It!

Am I the only one with an urge to yell at other cyclist that act like morons?

No, don't answer my rhetorical question. I know the answer, very few of you do, which means it is my problem.

Today I did it. That is not yell. Somewhere along the commute I spotted someone ahead of me. Weaving. You know, every time there are a few spaces where there are no cars, he'd weave toward the curb. Confuses the heck out of cagers. Stupid. But he did hesitate at a stop sign long enough to consider it what shall always be referred to as an "Idaho cycle stop". That's a joke, son. (Reference Foghorn Leghorn)

Then at the one and only stop light in the area he does the truly annoying, I'm making a right hand turn without a signal, no, no, I'm just running the red light since there are no cars coming. See I was only about 4 cagers behind at this point. I was peddling incredibly slowly, so that I might not have to take my foot out of the toe clip before it turned green. Maybe my failure at that was the true source of annoyance?

Probably not. This guy was slow. So he wasn't a hundred yards past the light when it turned green. And those cagers needed to pass the weaving butthead a second time. Asswipe. Dork. Now, I was having trouble getting my foot in the clip, so I didn't catch him. I think I could have. I futzed with the pedal, so I wouldn't. Then if I wasn't close I wouldn't yell. Anything.

The next light turned green as I approached behind a car. So I was able to keep my feet in the clips and ride through it behind the moving snake of cagers. I easily caught up to him, but he was on the sidewalk and I was in the left lane intent on making my left turn toward work. I still held my senses together and didn't yell a thing. Some days I'm actually smart enough. Now if I could only stop thinking the horrible things I want to yell.

Cycling is supposed to be fun, why do I insist on taking the fun out of it, by letting the morons get to me?

Again, don't answer.

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Eclectchick said...

"Now if I could only stop thinking the horrible things I want to yell."

If you find a way, please pass it along. I could use some pointers. ;-)