Saturday, April 29, 2006

These are the good old MKS touring pedals the QB got. Complete with extra large toe clips to fit most any shoe I own and longer than usual straps to do the same. Lovely pedals, I went with the little more expensive ones with a little more sideways clearance. With the intent of running the bike in fixie mode, it could be in handy. Posted by Picasa


QuickFix said...

I just bought those same pedals from Rivendell for the same reason only with the "Power Grips" instead of the toe clips. The "Power Grips" don't fit those pedals so I tried them on a pair of regular touring pedals. I catch on corners witch I think could very well be life threatening. I think I am going to buy the toe clips and try them as well. I just wanted to ask you first how your set up is working for you? Any problems? It is my first time going fixed and I am not ready to go for it if I am going to catch a pedal. I prefer to ride in regular shoes however. You know the deal.

QuickFix said...

I forgot to mention that I am riding a 64cm Quickbeam as well. Mine is GREEEEEEEEN