Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Things for February 18, 2008

Thing 3 had Monday off so we spent a bit of it testing out stomp boxes or pedals for use with guitars and amps. I actually hauled Earl along with the amp I have borrowed to test it out. Got lots of great help from a guy at Guitar Center and bought this. It sounds as good as it did in the store. Having a blast playing Earl through it to the venerable Fender Champ. See the photo below for Sparky's feared look that I might just turn the dang thing on again. Every time I flip the power switch on the Champ, even at the low volume I play at (cause I suck , word), he skeedaddles for another room. At loud volumes he begins to howl in a call and response manner. Chord. Beagle bray. Chord. Beagle bray. Repeat.
Ever heard a beagle howl? I thought you have. Not exactly what you want for accompaniment. Oh well, he hasn't stopped me from playing. Yet.


Pete said...

If she's in the right mood, I can get our half-beagle to do a call and response bay just by singing. It makes the kids laugh and the wife head for another room.

midway cyclist said...

My chessie will sing along with the cats when they're yowling in the staircase. They must practice during the day. Totally cracked me up the first time i heard them.