Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter Spoiler Alert!

Okay, campers, I'm not really talking spoiler here as I have no premature information and I'm not going to any of the "spoiler" sites on book 7. No, these are my predictions. Beware if you've not read book 6 by now. Shame on you, and get reading and I'm not talking about my blog either.

I do not believe that Snape is the evil being he's made out to be, I believe there is a hero inside of him. I think he mistreated Harry in part because of hatred of his father and the treatment he received by him and that it played so well into the need for that borderline traitor that is needed by Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort, AKA the Dark Lord. He played a part very well and I think he was meant to.

There has never been discussion of how previous Headmaster's died. Nor of great wizards. Is it possible that if when Tom Riddle tried to kill Harry, he passed on his power at some level to Harry that maybe when Dumbledore permitted himself to be killed by Snape, that something likewise can happen. Sort of like Obie Wan in Star Wars. In death he achieved something not even Tom Riddle can match. He is the one Tom always feared.

I think Harry and Tom Riddle will die as a consequence of that last fight. They are the two characters that must die, otherwise there is a reason to continue for the author. I have a high appreciation for the author, but if she's the least bit smart its what she must do. I believe the key to their death is not Snape, who will have proved his mettle before that final confrontation. I believe that none other than Neville will be the one to rise to the occasion. Regardless of the prophecy. Since when did Sybil ever get anything right. Okay, she did predict the return of the Dark Lord. Yeah, like I didn't see that coming too. Pfft.

And what of the rest? Happily ever after? I haven't a clue. It doesn't matter. Hermoine for headmaster? Ron for chief auror? I don't know. Life goes on. Just without any new Harry Potter stories that's all. Hey, all great things must come to an end.

One thing I've really liked is they are distinctly British tales. People don't steal things, they nick them. People who annoy you are buggers or gits, not dolts or buttheads. Youth in authority positions are "pre-ficts" not officers. She didn't make them more American just to gain more readers in America. Bravo to Ms. Rowling both for the way she wrote as well as what she wrote as well as keeping her family out of the limelight. She could teach Kathy Lee Gifford a hell of a lot. Really glad that whore for publicity's career tanked after she bolted her daytime program with what's his name. And she was replaced quicker than undershorts with a skid mark.

Poof and she was gone.

Make no mistake, I'm a big fan of the books and the author. I've enjoyed them. My kids enjoy them and have read them all several times. I don't mind the least bit that she's ending on chapter in her life that brought her bajillions. I don't begrudge her the money a single bit. She's one person I'm glad is rich. She came from pretty humble beginnings and is now earned her dough by creating something I expect to have as long a lifetime as the Hobbit books. I just hope that unlike so many sports stars that can't hang the jock up when they should, I hope she writes something else. Whatever it is, I'll be in line to buy it, regardless of the reviews. She's earned my trust and me as a fan.


Pete said...

Which character are you going to dress up as on Saturday night? ;-)

And I'm with you on Neville. He's got a role to play yet.

midway cyclist said...

You mean Friday night? I'll be halfway through book by sundown saturday!

My prediction: War breaks out and Hogwarts is under siege by death eaters; our heroes and the full Order of the Phoenix trapped within. The standoff is broken when Hagrid starts tossing dozens of house elves over the walls, with the elves kicking ass Gimli style through the enemy ranks. Dobby saves the day!

Nathan said...

Where's everyone picking up their copies? Anyone doing the Zephyr thing or anything else cool?

midway cyclist said...

I have a copy reserved at the Borders 5 blocks from my house. I got an automated phone call reminding me to pick it up, and the voice in the message was Jim Dale, the guy who reads the audiobook versions.

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