Sunday, June 24, 2007


The danger with writing is the possibility someone will read it. :-D

I mentioned an altercation. The altercation occurred after the ride was complete and in fact I'd spent a few sheckles in the HC headquarters. I had ridden to the ride with someone else who helped me a great deal with navigation in the south end of town. They were kind enough to accompany me back the same way. It was at the corner of 54th or just down the street and Highway 55. We only became involved when a very annoyed cager shoved a lone cyclist on the east end of the street light. We were waiting at the west end of the light and began to yell. The cager jumped in his cage and went away, the cyclist shouted his thanks to us and we rode away. I think he is okay. I don't think I knew him.

It was a situation I've put myself into many times. I yell at a cager that does me what I think a wrong. From what I could tell, the black car buzzed the cyclist. And didn't care. And was more than willing to beat the shit out of the cyclist too. We pointed out we had his license plate and a cell phone and unless he knocked it off, we'd have the police and a lot of witnesses.

As we rode away, we agreed that we've been there and done what the rider did. Attempt to educate a stupid cager by yelling. It ain't going to work. In this case it initiated more trouble that it was worth. Even polite discussion is rarely a solution. A cager finds a cyclist the last person they will take roadway behavior advice from. We don't drive a motor vehicle (at that moment) what can we know?

It upset me over the day. It could have been me. None of the other cages cared a wit. We two cyclist were the only ones involved. Yeah, we helped a little. I didn't bother (didn't have a pen) to get his license. I didn't call 911. I'm not sure it matters. The instantaneous violence shocked me.

The cyclist didn't appear to be gravely injured. He could have been.


Pete said...

I'm the same way. Any time I'm involved in this type of altercation either as a direct participant or the "across the street shouter" I replay it over and over looking for another, better, outcome. It usually becomes the focal point of the ride. Which sucks.

Robbie said...

Wow! That's just nuts. :::shaking head in disbelief:::

midway cyclist said...

It was a little scary to see the guy get out of his car (he was first in line for the left turn) and go after the cyclist. The cyclist was pissed, but making a good point. The driver was just being belligerent, he seemed to just be pissed that he was being yelled at. It was one of those situations that you wish a cop could witness, i'm sure the guy in the car would have been hauled off.

Gordy did the right thing, no question. He called the guy on his actions and let him know that we were active witnesses that would not let his bullshit slide.

Thinking back over the incident, us being there as witnesses definitely helped break up the situation (even across the street), but i wish i'd called in the attack and the plate number. It makes me realize that i should keep my cell phone closer at hand while i'm out riding and not hesitate to use it.

Lynne said...

I don't know, I think it's so hard NOT to lose your temper with a driver at least once a week. I have a horrible temper and will probably be in the news someday (donate to the beat-up cyclist in the hospital). I think I've already freaked out a teammate because I tend to gesture to the cars (not the finger!!! Jeesh!!). Like "oh no, you first dumbshit..."

Cinnamon (Canela) said...

Wow! You seem to be very level-headed and I don't see that you did anything wrong here .... just wanna add a "please be careful out there!" I know that goes without saying.

It's just that you're one I inherently liked from the first time I read a comment of yours at DG's blog so ... again ... be careful out there.

I know I am still a stranger to you ... and I am strange, in fact ... but know you have a friend "out there" and I do wish you well.

Peace and love,