Saturday, May 26, 2007

Napping gets you no where

I should know better than to nap. I took a vacation day to do some housework (ha!) and to work on cleaning my car. Got it done, but then, mid day I was tired and took a nap. Now its like 2 am and can I sleep? No, of course not.

So there are two movies I am looking forward to. First is I think called Remote Control and is about those fun loving guys Joy Division and of course especially Ian Curtis. I've been connected to them via their MySpace page and they've been sending out alerts about it all the time. Pretty interesting stuff and I can't wait to see it. Only thing I've really read on them is the last Mojo that had them on the cover and the article about them. I think it was connected with the starting of shooting for the movie. Recently there was some sort of falling out between the boys of New Order where one of them stated it was over and then later the other two came out and said "um, well he can leave if he likes, but we're considering just going on without him. So I don't know a lot about them and think the movie will be good fun since I won't be all critical about it being accurate and junk. Its supposed to be entertainment anyway.

The second movie is about Joe Strummer of the Clash, the 101ers and the Mescaleros. The title of the movie is The Future is Unwritten. The Clash and John Graham Mellor I know a bit more about. I've read at least one biography of the band, called The Clash: The Only Band That Matters (I think). They are a band I enjoyed, but not as much after reading the book. Joe was a bit of a calculating son of a gun. Although I had known he was the son of a diplomat, I didn't know he had a folk stage where he insisted people call him "Woody". Then again, I enjoyed him. I thought his last recording with the Mescaleros was great, showed he was getting back into the groove. I was sad when he died and I was hoping to hear more new recordings by him, but and so it goes.

Ah, the Bleriot? On hold. Too much work. Too much other things like getting ready t o head out of town. Just haven't been up to it some how. It depresses me further how lazy I get. Yet the car is cleaned and waxed end to end and ready to head out of town in the morning. I'm looking forward to some fun with my youngest, Thing 3. No, he's not a thing, I love him a great deal, I just don't give his name out and its easy for others to remember eldest is 1 youngest is 3. Hoping to spend some time with 1 and 2 as well.

There was a third topic I had on the tip of my tongue er fingertips, but it flew away. Later I guess.


Pete said...

Never underestimate the value of spending time with the kids.

verlaine said...

I used to really dig Joy Division but then realized it was really Martin Hannett's production and the Factory Records sense of aesthetics that was really what I was responding to.

Somebody once spread rumors that I was gay strictly on the basis of listening to New Order.