Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Have you seen the movie Borat? I rented and watched it with a friend. They hated it. Hated it. Didn't even want to discuss it later.

I didn't hate it. I spent the majority of the time cringing. Laughing out loud? Not so much.

I think a movie is supposed to get an emotion out of you. I figure it did that. I do wonder why so many people loved this movie. If you look at it analytically, there was only one joke and it really got old by the end.

Tell me what you thought? What do you think movies are supposed to do: always make you laugh or happy? Don't see Shindlers List or The Battleship Potemkin. Or maybe you consider those the feared and dreaded chick flicks?


rigtenzin said...

I haven't watched Borat. The reviews from people whose opinions I respect are mixed.

I love chick flicks. They are nearly the only movies that have stories, plots, and character development. Exceptions exist, but not many.

Remember the movie reviewers from SCTV?

Bill said...

I laughed my ass off at Borat. There was a lot of cringing too, and wondering how he didn't get beaten down by a mob, like at the rodeo.

On the DVD, there are a few deleted scenes that push it even farther. I have to wonder if they ever revealed the whole schtick to people after they were done shooting.

The guy certainly has gigantic balls to be in character like that for so long, and for the stunts he pulled. Sort of a Jackass show-style of social conventions and taboo.