Friday, March 23, 2007

Twenty Bloody Years

I've worked for the same corporate conglomerate for twenty years. Yeah, I find it hard to believe too. Feels like yesterday I was moving from Texsucks to Minnesota without a job. Within six weeks of that move, I was working at the company I work for now. I've had many different positions within the company, but still. Twenty years. My eldest child reaches his twenty first year in a week. Wow, does it feel odd. Part of the deal with the anniversary is you get a gift. You get a choice, and I picked this Dremel tool thing in the photos. I've used one a lot to work on bikes and such. About a week after I selected it, it arrived. Amazing. I had one before, but I'd lent it to the eldest child so he could port some aluminum heads. Good luck with that pal. Now I got my own and I won't need it back.
Part of why this is so amazing, is the number of layoffs that have transpired in those 20 years. I've lost count (4+) of the number of bosses I've had retire on me (usually because they were offered a "package" to leave early. Who knows if I'll survive any more?


Robbie said...

I got a Dremel for Christmas. I haven't used it yet but it looks so cool. It won't be long before I figure out what it is for.

Congrats on the 20. The longest I've been with any company is about 6 and 1/2 but I've done that twice now and I'm well on my way to my third 6 year tenure. I leave once there's no place for me to grow and I've reached boredom.


SteveH said...

I just retired from the FAA after 24 years, 9 months, & 2 days. Despite being a long time federal employee I never got a single bit of recognition for my time. So I retired as soon as I became eligible, my 50th birthday.