Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm the ONE

Hey, it's time I announced that in fact I am the father of the late Anna Nicole's baby, what'shername. But I don't want to raise the baby unless I get the money. I mean seriously folks its all about the security of the money, er baby, ah child.

Yeah, this area had ah, about 20 inches of snow in less than seven days. The area population is freaking apoplectic. Traffic is snarled, heart attacks occur over snow shovels, its just this horrible pandemonium. Its nothing. That it. NOTHING. Its not a tornado, a hurricane, its a rainstorm in the cold for crying out loud. Yeah, so it might break a local record, but so what. Its so weak it is hilarious to anyone that's seen far worse. Here take a gander what mere students do with snow in other places in the world.
Yeah its a statue from something called Winter Carnival. Its at my Alma mater Michigan Tech University. During winter carnival there are lots of activities that go on during classes. Some of those statues have 30 days to be created from scratch. Others have only 24 hours, called "allnighter" statues appropriately enough. There is lots more, skiing, snow shoeing, ice bowling (it simply must be seen to be believed), broom ball and more. Damn it looks like so much more fun that going to work amongst all these whining, crying, moaning, and leaving early from work because of the snow Minnesotans. Gigantic wussies is what they are. I wish it would snow like that here for four-six-sixteen weeks and see what they think. Take that global warming.
Speaking of wussies, how about John Daly getting a shoulder injury because some dope snapped the camera shutter during his swing. Boxers, to baseball, to the real football (soccer) all deal with crowd noise. But not those big sissies the golfers. In baseball they throw the ball at you from 70-100 MPH and you have to try to hit it and in golf the ball is as motionless as can be, and heck when poor fat Johnny hurt a rib, he'd placed the ball on a tee his very self. Yet one more proof that athletes can play golf, but being a golfer of any level has nothing to do with being an athlete. Shit they may as well be in the professional puzzle assembly league.
Yet, it is finally winter here because as one local scribe asserted; 'It ain't winter until you fall on your kester." I fell on my butt getting out of my vehicle Friday and slipped on the ice under the snow. Did I cry? No. Did I laugh at myself? Most certainly, and proudly wore two thirds of my morning cup of coffee on my clothing because of that slip. It still makes me smile. Even if a few of my muscles are sore. I wish I'd asked for a copy of the film from the security cameras at work. Maybe someday I'll get around to cleaning the coffee from the inside of the door of the elephant.
Speaking of odd, the other day an odd coincidence occurred. Someone left his comment in this here blog somewheres. Now, I wasn't sure if his comment was a real rant against me (like where the hell have I been?), so I sent a more or less polite note about yeah, I was gone, wasn't I? And guilty of purchase of an SUV. So he replies back saying he was rattling my cage and was more or less glad I'd arrived back from under my rock.
So I sent one more note, seeing his name, quizzing his name and wondering if he happened to be the guy who rode this two tone baby shit colored custom fixed gear from a local custom builder that was constantly parked next to this dump of an employer. Then I gave him the internal building address to my office in same said dump.
Of course out of complete curiosity, blog commenter had to come and see what kind of kook had the audacity. And was shocked to find out we work in the same building in rather different circumstances. We had a fun chat and resolved to go out to lunch soon.

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