Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thanks Bob!

Courtesy of Bob Roll, former cycle racer, funny guy, and current OLN-TV Tour day France commentator.

Thanks Bob! I agree.

Bob Roll's 8 Reasons Why the Tour de France Is Better Than the Super Bowl

1. The tailgate party lasts a month
2. Admission is free
3. More than 12 million people watch some part of the Tour in person, compared to roughly 80,000 who get to go to the Super Bowl
4. Bike shorts are sexier than football pants
5. The food is better
6. So is the scenery
7. Men and their machines- no padding
8. More struggle, more pain, more drama

And I'll point out that in #3, most of those 80,000 see nothing, or watch ants play a game.

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Jill said...

Again, Bob Roll shows the wisdom of the ages