Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Talk About Selective Hearing

Every time I hear the advert for the women's razor called the "Venus" I hear:

I'm your penis,
I'm your fire,
Its your desire.

Wouldn't Freud have fun with that?


Pete said...

In high school, we changed the lyrics to:

Put your penis,
In the fire,
You'll perspire.

Jon said...

I think there was a book dedicated to screwin' up lyrics of all matter of songs.

Here it is, it's called *'Scuse me While I Kiss this Guy* by Gavin Edwards.

rigtenzin said...

This proves it! Your blog entries will attract more attention if they contain sex.

Eclectchick said...


Check those keyword stats, next time you're over at statcounter.

One of my favorites from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. "A girl with kaleidoscope eyes" became "A girl with colitis goes by."

tiny dancer said...

whoa boy- tiny dancer