Sunday, May 07, 2006

This Week in Geek Cycling

I rode this past Friday to work and back. That's it for about the last two weeks. It started about two weeks ago when I agreed to aerate the lawn for the town home association. I knew I shouldn't. I have bad (weak?) wrists. I've had carpel tunnel problems for years on and off.

So I did the aeration thing and paid for it. For four nights I'd wake up with my hands on fire from numbness. Even when I wore splints meant to prevent it. I was using ibruprophen like candy. It took a week for it to get mildly better. Last week I spent four days being a taxi driver for my youngest son. I also had the birthday party of good touring pal Jon to attend. So Friday was my only open day and I did ride.

I also have finally repaired my Carradice rain cape. I got a tool wrap from Rivendell and cut two sections from one. I then used iron on patch adhesive to bond them to the cape where the wrist loops attach. I had already tore one. I then used strong cotton thread to sew the around the parameter of the patch. This took four nights. I then used Carradice wax to seal the blazes out of the repair. It shall be interesting to see how it holds up.

Friday my hands seemed okay. Not great, but I'm trying to ice them and stuff to improve them. I'm hoping to ride all I can this week other things considered.

Saw this morning that the latest Tom Cruise movie didn't hold up to expectations monitarily. I'm very cool with that. Geeze the man is a whack job and a half. Chicks half his age that can't make any noise while delivering a child? Look I'm a guy and can't possibly know what it feels like, but I've been there for three births and I think a woman should get to say anything she likes including, "This is all your fault Mother F**ker." For the record, my ex delivered children like a champ. She worked hard at being healthy, preparing herself mentally and physically and went through labor like it was something done by millions of other women across the world. Yes, its special to those intimately involved, but it is also routine too. Yet, silent, she was not. She didn't screech like a monkey, but she made noise like any normal humans working at something hard.

Hey, would you look at that. The MN Twins actually beat the Tigers twice. The Tigers are a pretty good team and Twins don't seem to be. Their pitching and hitting seems to be something absent without leave. I'm surprised they won those two games. I'd like them to be more contenders. Only time will tell, but I don't see it as a World Series type of year.

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Eclectchick said...

ACK! Tom Cruise. Whack job is right. Did he really think he could act and talk like a crazy person without his screen persona and ultimately his box office draw suffering??? Hotness, he is no longer.

BTW, I see Laurie Anderson mentioned in your profile! Gosh, I haven't run across a fellow fan in decades!!! Wow!