Monday, May 29, 2006

Commuting in the rain

There was a couple of days a few weeks ago where it rained all the time. Just ride in it is my opinion. I use fenders. They keep a lot of the rain off your feet, legs, and off the chain too. Properly set up of course. That takes some work to get the fenders close and then to add a mud flap so it hangs down low enough to do a good job. Next I use chaps and a rain cape. The cape keeps the rain of you, and lets you get plenty of air underneath. The spats keep the muck off your calves.
Once set up, its no big deal to ride in the rain. I've done it lots and I'm sure I'll do it again.

So should you. Don't let rain scare you off. I think its fun. It makes you feel tough, you feel special, capable of anything, able to persevere against the odds. Cars tend to leave you alone since they are in awe.

For shoes, I use good old Converse All-Stars or Chuck Taylors. The canvas gets wet, but dries fast too. And you look cool wearing them instead of like a goof ball in click-ity clack shoes. This of course requires normal shoes so it means normal pedals. Add toe clips and straps if desired.

Or not.

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Treadly&Me said...

You're so right about that "tough and special" feeling. Towards the end of my commute route, I cross a bridge over a freeway and on rainy days I imagine the drivers down below looking up and saying "I'm glad I'm not that poor bastard". Little do they know that I'm having a great time - and saying the same thing about them!