Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ride Number Two is In

I rode the QuickBeam to work today. I put my clothes into my usual duffel and my haversack with my other junk and rode. It was a good day and I struggled at time because I'm overweight and out of shape, but not terribly. I've got to pare down on some of the stuff I'm taking. Too much junk.

After work I rode to UPS to get a package. Small stuff I had bought from Rivendell that was on back order. I was able to stuff them in my Haversack, and just slung that over my shoulder for the return trip.

My hands really got numb on the return trip. Wasn't cold or anything, so I'm not sure what is up. Really like the ToPeak frame pump, and how it fits and the strap that comes with.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain, so I'm thinking I'll take the bus. Don't feel like subjecting it to the rain yet. Plus, I've got to repair my rain cape. It has a tear and I have some replacement material I can sew in and wax it so it is again water proof.

So the QB has almost if not over 50 miles in and I'm proud. Next, continue to stay off my butt and ride more! Try to figure out the hand problems. I noticed that the foam under the bar tape compresses and is giving a crease in the bar tape. Wonder if that will cause the tape to wear or something? Tough. Its just the experiment that keeps on giving. Still very glad I tried it, just wish it helped more.


Anonymous said...

Are you riding with cycling gloves, or just barehanded? And is it your hands (knuckles, fingers) that hurt, or your wrists?

juni said...

Peter Storm make wonderful rain gear...KKB has had a rain jacket for years and years....like from the '80's, I believe.