Friday, March 03, 2006

Just Too Funny

Detroit Pistons So Fucking Awesome They Can’t Even Believe It
DETROIT--The Detroit Pistons, owners of a staggering 47-9 record, are reportedly so fucking awesome that they can’t even believe it. Members of the team have joined the fans and the media in marveling at how one group of players can kick such a gargantuan amount of ass.
Coach Flip Saunders spoke about his team after yet another victory on Monday night.
“Ho hum we got another victory. Who did we beat again? The Wizards? Oh, no it was the Bulls, that’s right. No disrespect to them but after a while they all become the same. We’re not even breaking a sweat anymore. I feel sorry for whoever we are playing next, because I can assure you they are not walking away with any pride.”
Saunders then admitted that coaching in Detroit is much better than coaching in “Loserville,” or Minnesota.

This is from the website above. Too bad it isn't true, but its also too true at least the last statement.

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